Power Kickers

We are excited to announce that our POWER KICKERS program aimed at ages 4-12 will be starting in the first week of July.

These classes will be focused on developing the skills required for further Martial Arts training, coordination, focus and improving general fitness. All in a fun and friendly environment.

Class duration:

4-7 year olds - 45 min

8-12 year olds - 45 min

Teen Classes

Teens progress through the Muay Thai levels based on skill and age. 

Max of 15 Kids per class to ensure personal, targeted training. 


Register at reception or Email info@fightingpower.com.au

All kids Classes are 60 min, parents welcome to watch.

Classes fundamentals are based on the Muay Thai arts and focus on skill, discipline and self confidence.

10 Reasons for Your Kids to Learn Martial Arts

  1.  When you’re confident you can defend yourself, and don’t come across as an easy target that most bullies look for. Also, if you have accomplished something a little difficult then you have confidence that you can move onto a new level, not just in martial arts but in any area of your life.

  2.  They may not be able to take on any opponent in the world. However, they have learned techniques to help them defend themselves in hostile situations.

  3. Learn How to Take a Punch: This is a difficult concept for a mother to get her head around let alone accept. The best defense in most situations is to run, flee or remove yourself from the situation. If there is some reason you have not left the situation it usually means your opponent has thrown the first punch and is on top of you or has attacked you in some way. If you know what it feels like to take a punch and keep your wits about you, you’re chances of survival are much greater.

  4.  This is another point that ripples throughout a child’s life. However, to master the different levels of any martial art you’ve got to have physical and mental discipline. Martial arts give children practice using the body and mind in harmony.

  5.  Martial arts is a sport, you build strength and endurance.

  6.  Part of progressing is teaching beginning students.

  7.  We have an epidemic of childhood obesity in this country. Martial Arts is a great way to get moving and burn off calories.

  8. Fight in a Controlled Environment: This one was hard for me as a mother. Of course at first it is cute. A five year old child sparing with another five year old is nothing more than two clumsy kids trying to hit each other. An older child can be stomach turning, but they have the experience of fighting and they’ve learned it in a controlled environment without getting hurt. (at least hurt too badly)

  9. Situational Awareness: This goes along with confidence and defense but studying martial arts requires that you always be aware of your environment.

  10. Ability to Assess an Opponent: If you can determine that your opponent is weak in an area you can use that to your advantage in any hostile environment. This is an invaluable skill.