About Us


At Fighting Power Gym we believe that we can reach our potential by standing together in Unity. Unity gives us the chance to support each other and enables us to Focus. Once we are unified and focused we become a Power to be reckoned with.

We are a family run gym dedicated to creating a club community which supports each other in achieving our goals.

Kids Classes

For kids between the ages of 6 and 16 our kids classes are dedicated to creating a safe environment to learn Muay Thai skills and discipline.

Kids are assigned to their group based on skill level and age.

Based on demand, classes dedicated to specific groups will be added to the timetable.

Kids are limited to a maximum of 3 classes a week.

Classes must be registered for in advance to ensure a spot as classes are kept small. Small Classes mean more individual attention and better results. 

Adult Classes and Personal Training

Adult classes are small to ensure special attention and development.

Limited to 15 students per class. 

The Head Coach plans programs for all sessions in advance in order to deliver professional and organised classes. 

​We pride ourselves on giving individual attention to every single student.

Personal training options are available to those wanting to accelerate their progress or need extra assistance.


You are so much more than a number, to us you are family!